Lean Into Stress

Have you ever felt so stressed out, overwhelmed or anxious that you figured you just need that vacation you can’t take?

We tend to believe we cannot handle stress.

But it’s the opposite. We are hard-wired to handle stress, and to use stress to help us thrive.

Human adaptations to modern living have made us terrible at transitioning and shutting down when needed.

Learn, Contribute

Come spend an afternoon with HHPF co-founder Brian MacKenzie and learn how to use tools like breathwork and other innate skills for in-the-moment opportunities to lean into stress and see how all aspects of your life can be improved.

The afternoon will be experiential and learning-based, including lecture and practical applications of breathing techniques for energy and stress regulation throughout the day.

100% of the proceeds will go towards funding HHPF research and education.

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