HHPF is using science to explore simple breathing practices that provide immediate and long-term physiological changes to the body’s performance systems.

By providing accessible, non-pharmacological and scientifically-validated solutions to today’s stress-management crisis, our work will have wide-ranging implications across many populations.

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Why is this work important?

Poor stress regulation reduces mental and physical performance across all aspects of life. Not only does this cost lives and quality of life, but trying to fix resulting problems costs extensive private and public resources. 

Current solutions are limited to non-scalable and often inaccessible practices (e.g., private coaching), drugs with extensive side effects and limited efficacy, and other quick-fixes that deteriorate long-term physiological adaptability.

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Through the generosity of foundations, government agencies, private donors, and the general public, the HHP Foundation is breaking ground on the following projects:

In collaboration with two universities, four scientists, and one fire department, we are currently investigating anxiety, CO2 tolerance, and firefighter performance in three pilot studies as we work to build the nonprofit infrastructure necessary to raise funds in support of follow-up research.

In collaboration with five universities, seven scientists, and five facilities, we are currently raising funds to investigate the following topics: autoimmune conditions, athletic performance, lung disease, blood donor syncope, and cognitive decline.